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Next Public Walking Tours in Raleigh: Sat. June 15th @ 5:00 pm (True Crime & Curious Tales tour); Sun. June 16th @ 11:00 am (Original Murals tour) & 4:30 pm (Sip n' Stroll Public Art tour)

SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENTS:  I am launching a new tour in June -- the Spellbinding Stories tour!  I will conduct a soft launch of this route on June 22nd that will be open to email subscribers ONLY!  If you would like to attend this exclusive debut tour, and you aren't on my email list, you can sign up HERE.

A downtown tour with Raleigh Walking Tours

Want to take a public walking tour?

You name the price for all public tours! You will be immersed in the history and culture of Raleigh as I share my passion for this city with you. Choose from a variety of unique and entertaining walking tour experiences. 

Haunted History tour at the Governor's Mansion with Raleigh Walking Tours

Haunted History

On this ghost tour, you will see some of the most haunted places in Raleigh.  Your guide will regale you with an eerie story at each stop. Brace yourself for a chilling journey into the unknown! 

True Crimes & Curious Tales

Murder, mayhem, and other strange happenings! Journey back in time to Raleigh’s most interesting true crime stories and other quirky tales. 

Sip n' Stroll Public Art

Want to take a tour with an adult beverage in hand?  Then this tour, which takes place within Raleigh's Sip n' Stroll district, is for you!  See murals, sculptures, and other cool public art!

Spellbinding Stories

Ready to be spellbound?  This walking tour will delve into some of Raleigh's and North Carolina's most captivating historical stories!

Original Raleigh Murals

Some of Raleigh’s best art is found off the beaten path. Join us to view vibrant and creative murals, while learning about the artists and their inspiration. Bring your camera!

Mural art tour with Raleigh Walking Tours

Raleigh Murals, Part 2

Did you love the Original Raleigh Murals Tour? Join us for part 2 to see even more amazing artwork, and capture some great photo opportunities.

Fall Historic Oakwood

Looking for something unique to do this October?  Come see some beautiful historic homes and learn more about Oakwood, one of the oldest neighborhoods in Raleigh!  

Public tours are not available every weekend, so make sure you check out our calendar! Most public walking tours last between 1 hour and 1 hour and 45 minutes. 

Private, fixed price tours are also available.

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"Had a friend in from out of town, and this looked fun. It totally delivered. 100% recommend one of these tours if you are local or from out of town. Tricia was fun, informative and really great to work with. I will definitely be doing another tour!" - Google review from Lauren Gaspar